Khurso Subzwari Greets Ramadan With Dynamic Beauty

Although he holds MA in Civil Engineering, Pakistani artist Khurso Subzwari beautifully paints spirituality and serenity! A self-taught artist passionate for art since grade 6, after graduating from NED in Civil Engineering (BA) in 1981, Subzwari took up a job in a construction company in Saudi Arabia for 14 months to gather enough resource for higher degree in USA. In 1985 he obtained Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma , USA and worked there for 3 years.

I was enjoying the natural environment and the nature right from the sand dunes and black rocky mountains in Saudi Arabia, till the serene country side of New Jersey , USA. Could always spot the art in any form. I wasn’t actively painting but was actively observing the nature’s beauty and its spread. Started Engineering business in 1989. For the last 5 years the passion for art have taken over any other field, and I paint 6-10 hours every day.

The background in engineering proved to be an asset, in understanding and the development of textures, and the three-dimensional (3D) perspectives of images  while painting on  a canvas.

Kusro Subzwari presented to Al Mahha readers 2 paintings greeting them for Ramadan, reflecting how he view this month in as “Sufi whirling” very dynamic and spiritual move aim to reach the source of all perfection through abandoning one’s ego and personal desires by listening to the music, focusing on God, and spinning one’s body in repetitive circles, which has been seen as a symbolic imitation of planets in the Solar System orbiting the sun. The blend of colors in Subzwari paintings adds harmony even when using strong bright colors, or dark ones, it doesn’t feel too bright or too gloomy. For more paintings and artworks of Subzwari, click here.


Khusro Subzwari “In search of enlightenment source” Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. 2012
Khusro Subzwari “Craving for the Allahs Blessings” Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.

Subzwari focuses on 6 different series:

  • Sufism (Whirling Dervish Series)
  • Exotic trees & gardens including the beauty of Organic Life Close ups
  • Beauty and  Colors of Nature
  • Peacocks
  • Venice through the eyes of Artist
  • Conceptual Calligraphy

International Exhibitions


Participated on an Invitation to exhibit paintings in 2 international exhibitions in Istanbul. 1st in June 2011 and 2nd exhibition in July 2011

Abu Dhabi

Declared Artist of the week by ABU DHABI ART HUB  on 22nd of Oct 2011

With an offer to exhibit in its programme in Asian countries art exhibition in 2012!__artist-of-the-week

Local Exhibitions & Rewards:

  • First group exhibition and participation in an art competition in 1977, in NED Engineering University . Karachi Pakistan. Gulgee was the judge and awarded 2nd prize in oil painting category.
  • Solo exhibition in Alliance Francaise Karachi. Theme: Global Warming and our Earth’s  Beauty.
  • Only Pakistani invited to participate in an International Exhibition in Istanbul (TURKEY) June 2011 (Museum in Old city near Sultan Ahmet Blue mosque).
  • Offered a  2nd  international exhibition in Istanbul ,  participated in July 2011.
  • Exibition  in Art Gallery Louvre, Islamabad in Nov, 2011.
  • Exhibition in Grandeur, Zamzama Karachi, March 2012.

The call of art is ongoing during Ramadan to feature your artwork in Al Mahha, just send an image of your work and a short bio, will do the rest.


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