Khalid Al Sahaly … Starting A New Chapter is Timeless!

Although his young age, he captures depth & meaning. Kuwaiti 18 years old photographer Khaled Al Sahaly started photography in Summer 2009 and consider himself a “beginner” in it.

“I want to learn more because the best photograph has not yet been captured.

I’ll still will have to take thousands of pictures to reach the pictures in my mind and honestly im doing my best …

A picture is worth a thousand words i hope from my photos i could show you my point and express my thoughts and my feelings”

Khalid Al Sahaly

Khalid shares with Al Mahha reader his eye on Ramadan, capturing an old man seating in one of old streets in Kuwait bending on a wall written on it “Astaghfer Allah – Forgive me Allah”. He visions this month as a chance to ask for forgivness, get closer to God and take a step toward spirituality, or maybe a chance a start over, flip a new page and start a new chapter in your life, it is never too late to do so and that is obvious from the old man Khalid took his picture.

Khalid Al Sahaly Photography

To follow this young talented photographer; check out Khaled Al Sahaly Flicker or Twitter.


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