Louma Rabbah Melts Geographic Borders in Art

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are. Plato
A beautiful greeting for Ramadan from Lebanese artist Louma Rabbah, a serene scene of a city or village where the buildings and houses blended yet the brown Mosque is clear. The scene is inspired by one of the Lebanese cities or villages but it doesn’t make it exclusive to Lebanon; what I like about Rabbah’s landscape work it is a border-less piece of art and isn’t limited to a specific region. The scene can be a village in Saudi, Morocco, Bosnia or any part of the world! Rabbah keeps on cascading the beauty of a single city, melting the geographic differences and border, and blending it with the world.
Louma Rabbah Artwork



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  1. Paul Ramnora says:

    Really lovely artwork. You do landscapes so incredibly well; whether they are abstract/or, real. BEAUTIFUL! BRILLIANT! 😉

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