The Sense of Comic in Ramdan!

Comic Art may seem easy but it does take a lot of thinking and hard work to come out with something simple, stright to the point and funny! And although young graphic designer Motasem Affar doesn’t consider himself a comic artist, he definitly has the talent for it.

Affar greets Ramadan with a sense of homur, the need of food can make you do crazy things sometimes! I’m sure many people feel the same during this month; it’s not the regular “Ramadan Kareem” we see everyday, yet a laugh is also necessery 🙂


Motasm Affar, Ramadan Comic, 2012



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  1. Hani says:

    The question here is: how did he go through the wall.. ?! Was he shot by a cannon.. !! & another thing… Why a fat man… Skinny girls get hungry also in Ramadan… As a matter of fact.. They dig in like there is no tomorrow  lol… Great job anyway

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