Ghada Al Kandari Shoots Pretty Green Bullet

Let’s put it this way: a diarist, exhibitionist, blogger and artist; put them all together and you get the marvelous Ghada Al Kandari who keeps all of us anticipating for any upcoming show and never get enough of her ‘teasing’ posts in well-known blog: PrettyGreenBullet !

On November 5th, 2012 the established Kuwaiti artist presented her latest artworks ‘Pretty Green Bullets III’ in one-day exhibition at Arabana Project – Kuwait. Al Kandari continues exposing her daily experiences, feelings and thoughts throughout this year with viewers, who are part of some in PrettyGreenBullet .





Al Mahha on Pretty Green Bullet III

‘Pretty Green Bullet III’ featured symbolism paintings, drawings, doodles,  sketches as well as installations done by the artist visualizing woman in all her states: a ‘conservative’ wise mother whose daughter holding into her dress with looks of ‘admire’. Playful duo whose differences are more than their similarities. A woman holding others like a child holds balloon, perhaps presenting a ‘dominant-yet-cheerful’ character controlling others who are pleased with it.


artworks by Ghada Al Kandari


artworks by Ghada Al Kandari


 Details from artwork by Ghada Al Kandari


If you look into each sketch you will find something that goes beyond lines and shades: A despatched persona, prettier than original, reflecting the dual identity some has or wish to be in their heads. Two women hugging each other representing love or friendship. Faces blend into each other creating a unified complicated figure.


Artwork by Ghada Al Kandari



Artwork by Ghada Al Kandari


Artwork by Ghada Al Kandari


‘Pretty Green Bullet’ depicts reality’s contradictions: sorrow or joy, love or hate, good friends or worst enemies, good or evil, hypocrisy or genuine, strength or weakness in  individual or group, all  in a beautiful playful way. Al Kandari once again succeed in transmitting reality and imagination in one captivating form that isn’t necessarily a feminist form.

Born in New Delhi, India in 1969,  Ghadah Alkandari  has been exhibiting her works both locally and internationally since 1994: Boushahry’s 50th Anniversary Women Artists Exhibition (Kuwait 2011), Dar Al Funoon (Kuwait 2011), The Third Line Gallery (Doha 2008), The Third Line Gallery (Dubai 2007), Europia Gallery (Paris 2005) just to same a few.

To keep in touch with Ghada Al Kandari and follow up with her activities: PrettyGreenBullet: blog | Facebook |


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