Hamad AlSaab Stands Against “Fragments of Memories”

Known as a pop artist from Kuwait, introducing pop art with an oriental twist for over 7 years, Kuwait artist Hamad Al Saab is launching his first solo exhibition “Fragments of Memories” that marks a new exciting beginning for Al Saab separated from ‘Hamad&Ali’.

The anticipated exhibition, titled ‘Fragments of Memories’ doesn’t only introduce Al Saab latest unseen works, but also a new definition of exhibiting as the modern furniture and home decor store from New York (West Elm) is showcasing  ‘Fragments of Memories’ series at their first branch in the Middle East: Grand Avenues – The Avenues Mall, Kuwait.

Not only you will see Al Saab new works but also how it can hanged in your place! So mark your calendar on Monday, 26 November 2012 at 6 PM for Hamad Al Saab solo exhibition “Fragments of Memories”. Here’s a teaser of what you are going to see…

Details from Hamad Al Saad artwork
Details from Hamad Al Saad artwork
Details from Hamad Al Saab artworks


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