Collective Talents and Passion for Creativity at CAP!

Closing reception was never as fun as the one Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) – Kuwait hosted last Saturday for Mutual Writing – Calligraffiti Workshops led by French artist Vencient Abodie Hafez, ending a 10-days playful workshops for students, public and artists.

The event was held at CAP – Warehouse, with live music on, visitors participated in exposure of the collective murals done by public by peeling and wiping some of the walls with your own hands. Also, artists who took part in the workshops revealed their final artworks on the CAP – Warehouse walls.

The closing reception included artworks done by students from local schools and by art lovers during the free workshops were Vincent was present and interacted with them. On a an advanced level, the event also featured art pieces done by artisits: Abdullah Al- Enezi, Ahmed Abu Addas, Ahmed Al-Ayoub, Amani Thuwaini, Amira Behbehani, Cyda Oskay, Hamad Al-Saab, Lewis Champman, Mohammad Sharaf, Steven Hamp and Tariq Al-Sultan.

It should be noted that Vincent’s 1000 x 600 cm mural is inspired by Mahmoud Darweish most beautiful influential poem “The Mural“.

It all felt like a collective group show were talents, passion for exploration and creativity melted together to create an open space master pieces! To read more about the event, click here. You don’t want to miss any upcoming events held by CAP because it won’t be like any other 😉

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