Guns and Roses- Sonia Rentsch’s Still Lifes

Sonia Rentsch’s philosophy in life is ‘to find the beauty in everything’

Fawn Review





Calls for the world to make love not war are as old as time itself.

But that sentiment has been injected with some fresh zeal by Australian artist Sonia Rentsch.

Her (perhaps a little opaquely titled) series Harm Less reconstructs weapons of war and violence through natural materials.

Revolvers and grenades find themselves in rehoused in bark and reconstructed in delicate composition composed of artichokes and roses. Weapons of war are made subject to decay and decomposition. Once the weapons are removed of all threatening potential, they merely look like odd little ornaments void of power.

Its a simple but potent idea. The eye pleasing compositions jar with the sinister subject.

Rentsch studied industrial design at Melborne University before making the move into what she calls ‘still life set design’. She prides herself on her ability to create ‘deceptively clever scenes from the simplest of objects’.

She explains that her…

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