REORIENT: Down and Out in Kuwait City

Check out my interview with Ayyam Gallery’s Kunooz Comeptition winners from Kuwait; Mohammad Sharaf and Mohammed Al Kouh published in REORIENT where they honestly talk about Kuwait’s art scene and what does winning in regional comeptition tells about unappreciated talents in Kuwait…

For as long as I had been writing about the Middle Eastern art scene, I’d been waiting for an opportunity for young artists in Kuwait to showcase their talent on a regional scale, and obtain exposure the way other artists in the region do. Earlier this year, Ayyam Gallery announced their first Pan-GCC Shabab (lit. ‘youth’) new media competition, Kunooz. Meaning ‘treasures’ in Arabic, the competition was open to residents and citizens of the GCC. This is it! I thought to myself – even if the winner isn’t from Kuwait, at least they’ll get some attention. (Read more)


Mohammad Sharaf – Steak of Kuwait (Detail)
Mohammad Sharaf – Steak of Kuwait (Detail)



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