A Playful Sarcastic Pop-Up From Brooklyn to K-Town

F160 "The Beard Is My Brothers" acrylic and poster paint on canvas, 100x100cm, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog
F160 “The Beard Is My Brothers” acrylic and poster paint on canvas, 100x100cm, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog

Visual Therapy, online Kuwaiti-based art hub  brings creatives from around the world, organized its first show “Not Just A Pop-Up” featuring original works and prints by Brooklyn-based artist Zebadiah Keneally and Kuwaiti artist F160 alongside was a live art performance done by artist Monstariam who created a mural graffiti.

The event was originally one night, but because of the huge success and great turnout – although it is Ramadan – it extended for an extra day. It was quiet interesting to see a Kuwaiti emerging pop-art comparing to American one; having two points of views in one place with different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyle and surroundings… Both artists created something inspired & effected by these elements and at the same time were objects to sarcastic criticism.

“Not Just A Pop-Up” is a new flavor in Kuwait art scene which grabbed younger audience’s attention, very playful and hip… I did like Keneally’s work because they felt like black and white sketches from pop art magazine; while I know it is F160’s first exhibiting experience and the busting colorful canvases gained many people’s admiration, I can see his body of work developing and being more defined and specific in the future.

Zebadiah Keneally "Big Bed" , ink on paper, 30.5x36 cm, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog
Zebadiah Keneally “Big Bed” , ink on paper, 30.5×36 cm, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog

You can find more pictures of my quick tour on Al Mahha Facebook here.

About Visual Therapy 

Visual Therapy is an initiative created in 2009 by Shahad Bishara, is a group of projects, which come together to create an aesthetic platform for innovative work and ideas in all creative fields. To follow up on their latest news and featured artists, go to visualtherapyonline.com

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