Chairs Nostalgia

The Attention Seeker Class of Chairs, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog
The Attention Seeker Class of Chairs, 2013. Courtesy: Al Mahha Art Blog


Remember back in school days, your classroom & mates how each and everyone of you had a standing out personality even at a very young age?! Remember the noisy one?! MR. or MS. ShowOff? The Nurd?! The Freak? Nicest and Meanest?! Remember yourself in classroom… What was your personality called?!

Three architects: Aseel AlYaqoub, Jassim AlSaddah, Yousef Al-Mehdar collaborated in a one year research & work to revive the scene of classroom filled with different charecters, but replaced the students with classroom chairs, in their exhibition “The Class of Chair” held in Contemporary Art Platfom – Kuwait from July 24 – 26.

Each chair was produced and titled based on its persona; The Attention Seeker, The Narcessit, The Heart Breaker… You name it! Every chair provocate your imagination; because though they were titled, [chairs] were open to your interpurtation. It also puts you face to face with your past, questioning who you were and where you stand now.

The body of work depicts trace one leaves behind on objects he was engaged with for a long time, and deeply looks into how such inanimate seem to have a loud personality and appear like us as a result of daily unseen yet committed interaction with human…

In my opinion, “Class of Chairs” took Kuwait’s contemporary art into a new level where dedication, hard work, research and execution of an uncommon idea in the most unexpected form of art paid off… Too bad the show was only running for three days.

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  1. Darlene Lewis says:

    This is an interesting concept! I love doing DIY projects with my students and I could turn this into a creative assignment to turn their classroom chairs into works of art. I know they will definitely love this idea! Thanks!

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