Youssef Abdelke Convicted With Intellectuality


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It was .. actually still is shocking and heart aching to learn about the sudden disturbing news about Youssef Abdelke, the acclaimed Syrian artist and main figure in international art scene, arrest by Bashar Al Assad regime by Tartus – Syria yesterday. Read more here.

It is unfortunate that we have daily evidences of how dictative and suppressive our region is where artists are detained and shut down for expressing their opinion not with words but with paints and tools, for transforming art from “decorative” to “knowledgeable” and producing mind-triggering works on social, political and religious issues. It is not illegal to be intellectual except in retarded regimes, where thinking out loud and differently is considered a shameful crime! 

I learnt yesterday that Abdelke was arrested several times – even before the Syrian Revolution – as his political artworks were seen “provocative” through his recent works depicting martyrs and their mothers, remains of dead creatures e.g. head of lizard, skull, sliced fish… etc (2000 – 2013). 

Abdelke is not the only intellectual who was arrested since the uprise of events in Syria and sadly will not be the last… 

For more information on Youssef Abdelke follow his page on Facebook. Fans from all over the world have also launched another page demanding freedom for Abdelke: link.

Freedom for all Prisoner of conscience…

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  1. amin roshan says:

    very interesting artwork. great man

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