Bayt Lothan Endless Creative Heritage Events

Bayt Lothan, one of the first nonprofit cultural centers in Kuwait where arts, crafts and creativity meets; is a very dear art hub in my heart that cheers me up every time I visit it or check one of their various events and exhibitions. Because they maintain Kuwait cultural heritage, support any young creative initiative in a welcome and vivid surrounding.

They’ve been very active lately and I was able to visit two events, one is a group exhibition showcasing Kuwaiti crafts men and woman and their lifestyle in the 3rd annual Mawruthna Al Hirafi (Our Crafts Heritage) accompanied with live music by a variety of famous Kuwaiti artists. The second event was a musical night that takes you to Yemen with its vibrant and colorful rhythms that were the source of Gulfian music development throughout the history. If you don’t want to miss any of Bayt Lothan ongoing activities follow them on Instagram.

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