A Chance to Watch Independent Movies by MENA Female Filmmakers by SAF & Habibi Collective

Sharjah Art Foundation presents a series of online film screenings in collaboration with Habibi Collective, a digital film archive that celebrates the work of female filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa. Taking place on 29 May, 12 June and 26 June 2020, the screenings will feature award-winning short and feature-length narrative, documentary and experimental films by female artists from the Arab world. The first programme of films, screening on 29 May, is titled In the Name of Love: Self-identification in MENA Female Cinema.

Beyond issues of representation, filmmaking has offered itself as a tool for women to explore their own subjectivity and sense of becoming. The five films in this programme deconstruct mainstream narratives of maternal bonds, beauty standards, love stories, cooking and the archiving of memories. They offer alternative ways of seeing by rewriting visual codes through the eyes of the traditional ‘other’. Recognising the differences that draw us together, these films reflect on how seeing ourselves through our own eyes can be the most creative path towards self-love.

29 May 2020 
8:30 pm (GMT +4)

The Story of Milk and Honey (2011) 
Director: Basma Alsharif 
Experimental | 10 minutes 
Arabic with English subtitles 

Clams Casino (2018) 
Director: Pam Nasr 
United States 
Narrative ǀ 11 minutes  

The Fall of the Standard of Beauty: The Iranian Nose (2019) 
Director: Sahar Ghorishi 
United Kingdom 
Documentary | 11 minutes  
English with Farsi subtitles 

Staff of Life (2019) 
Director: Moza Almatrooshi 
United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom  
Documentary | 5 minutes 
Arabic, Farsi and Urdu with English subtitles 

Chergui  (2019) 
Director: Chahine Fellahi 
Experimental | 5 minutes 
No dialogue 

The livestream of these films, which will be screened consecutively, can be accessed at 8:30 pm through this link. As the films cannot be streamed on demand, viewers who join the streaming at a later time will not be able to watch the full programme from the beginning.

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